This blog's about stuff I'm trying out online in my attempt to supplement my income. /// The blog's name is really just a playful dig at the plethora of ways to (apparently) make money online. If you're gonna get paid to read an email, fill out a survey, write a post, brush your teeth, sit down, stand up, well, why not get paid to fart? I tell ya, I'd be a celebrity in my own right if the latter were true! A lady I certainly am not. ;-)

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Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack! (Agaaaain!)

...aaaand I've moved all the blog content over to its own hosting! About frikkin time! Been a long arsed time coming.

I figured if I'm coming back, one of the things I needed to do was do what I should have done ages ago - move the damn blog already. (side-eyes herself)


So please join me there: GetPaidtoFart.com :-)



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Really Have Moved On...

Hello peoploids, :-)

We good?

This will most likely be my last post. I well and truly have moved on.

I'm still interested in making money online, but I'm no longer interested in keeping a blog about it. I've put both of my make-money-online domains up for sale.

Both URLs are PR1s and are pretty memorable. Well GetPaidtoFart.com is VERY memorable! Unique too. And funny. Well, I think it's funny! There are far more things one can do with that URL (if they're crazy enough) than what I've done with it. I was only ever interested in coming up with a catchy name; that was all.

For anyone who wants to keep in touch, my email's me@getpaidtofart.com.

It's been cool having this blog. Grateful for all the connections I've made, all the comments, folks who have inspired and been inspired.

No regrets. No sadness. No attachment. Just gratitude and a looking forward to zee future.

Peace, y'all. Be good. Or be badass.

Ebele aka Big Mama aka Mango Queen aka 2ThePoint aka whatever the fuck else I've called myself over the years