Yours truly has locked herself out of GetPaidtoFart.com. I know, I know. Love me :-)

In the meantime, she'll be using this blogspot blog 'til she can get herself back in, in about 11 days.

(7th Sept 2014)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm Back in my Blog!

As some of you may know/recall, I locked myself out of my blog - GetPaidtoFart.com - for some days. In protecting my blog, I protected it against me! Lol!

Anyway, mama's back in now, so I'll be back blogging there. Come sche me schometime. :)

Peace and pizza...

Miss Eb.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Online Earnings: August 2014

(credit: marianna_armata)

Soooo, I've only gone and locked myself out of my own blog: GetPaidtoFart.com! The plug-in I installed to protect my blog against log-in attempts by people who really have no business trying - well, I set it up so that when someone attempts to log in, whoever it is gets locked out for 11 days. That, unfortunately, includes me, which I don't mind, but uhm, today, I put the wrong password in, so I'm locked out too! For 11 days!

Ah well.

So in the meantime, I'll be posting here. *blink, blink* :-)


Right, my online earnings.

August has been my best month this year! I made $308.88 :)

Sure, I've made more in one month in the past, but the last time that happened was Jan 2013. So I'm pleased with this.

August Breakdown: $310.88

 - Proofreading: $174.66

 - Blog commenting: $95.80

 - Voice recording (Appen): $14.83

 - GPTs: $12.00 (Clixsense - $10.00; Gift Hunter Club - $2.00)

 - Crowdflower Elite (task-based site): $8.59

 - Pinecone Research (survey site): $5.00 (£3.00)

I've been doing quite a bit of proofreading. Started in June with one site. Then I found another client last month.


It looks like I'm set to make more this month :-). I'll be really happy if I make $500. By my rough calculations, I think I just might. The last time I hit $500 (and over) was Nov 2008. That was almost 6 years ago.

I've been capable of hitting $500+ months since then, just that I wasn't really passionate about what I was doing to get it (freelance writing). I liked it, but I wasn't passionate about it. And therein laid the problem, or the gift, depending on how you look at it.

But, anyway, that's that.

Hope you all have a cool September, whatever it is you're doing to earn online.

Miss Eb.

Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack! (Agaaaain!)

...aaaand I've moved all the blog content over to its own hosting! About frikkin time! Been a long arsed time coming.

I figured if I'm coming back, one of the things I needed to do was do what I should have done ages ago - move the damn blog already. (side-eyes herself)


So please join me there: GetPaidtoFart.com :-)